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Anyone else experience shrinkage with age?

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You read that right...

It's beautiful out today in middle TN so I took the day off work to clean up the Intrepid and detail it.

I have a few things on my list to fix, HVAC/blend door issue and both front power door lock actuators (which should be arriving in the next few days).

One thing that's been bugging me for years is the weatherstripping around the doors. It has shrunk over the years around all the doors and the decorative vinyl coating has been peeling.

Has anyone found good replacements for these cars that match the interior color?



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Yes, that's quite normal.

The best fix I've found is to cut the weather strip at bottom (under the trim) and then letting that gap while pressing the seals back in place. Glue as needed, but shouldn't be required.

Then, patch the gap with either seal sourced from a salvage yard.

Same with the trunk... Cut the gap at the latch end of the seal, and patch.

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