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Anyone remember me?

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Hey, I was formerly NextLevelIntrepidMXB, but I forgot my password. Anyway, I just took some pictures (there have been requests) and I will try to put them up today (i don't have a scanner, but i think I can find one.)
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No i dont remeber you. But welcome anyways :D

What kind of intrepid do you have??? ANy mods again welcome :)
I don't remember you either. :p
I think I remember you. Were'nt you the guy who wanted the big honker JCWhitney spoiler on your 1st gen?
By the way:
Complete alpine system
2 12" bazooka subs
JCW apache spoiler
intake scoop form JCW (yes, it's functional)
carbon fiber interior trim from
took out that damn cone thing
solid black maaco paint job

In the works: redirecting the intake to the scoop vent hole w/ stuff from lowes
(if this does anything for performance, i'll be sure to tell)

after that: maybe dynomax
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Originally posted by NextLevelIntrepidMXB2:
By the way:
Complete alpine system
2 12" bazooka subs
Well now, if you have 2-12" Bazooka subs, than it's not really a COMPLETE Alpine system, now is it. :D


Would you like some car with your spoiler? ;) :p That scoop is pretty cool though.
that is one big ass wing!

isn't that hood scoop a copy of the style old mopars used to run?
item description: Style (K) Super Mini Mopar Pro-Stock Style ABS Plastic Hood Scoop, 17"W x 3"H x 27-1/2"L

WOOHOO!! Knew it was Mopar!!
that scoop looks sweet but please please please tell me it's functional.
Originally posted by NextLevelIntrepidMXB2:
I am cutting a hole in my hood as we speak
Put the keyboard down and pay attention to what you're doing!! ;)
NextLevelIntrepidMXB2---how is that maaco paintjob? i was thinking about doing the same thing, solid black. do they do a good job, do they tape things off or take things off, is there any overspray...etc?---thanks, zack
I ain't too big on the whole salami-slicer spoiler thing but that does look pretty good, I kinda dig the scoop too. I been thinking about custom forming a larger 'bulge' on the hood to accentuate the muscular look it portrays. In other words i think it looks ballsy. Need a few other angles to check out, take more shots of that will ya!?
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