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Today I saw an example of the cops doing what they SHOULD be doing.... PROTECTING and SERVING.

Case 1: 12:56AM.... disabled car being pushed by a CVPI with a push bar to the gas station. I gotta say, until I saw that, I though those damn things were for show these days!

Case 2.... 1:20AM.... crazy lady on the road! OK, I'm in the right most non tuning lane stopped at a light because a train is at the next intersection. I'm just chilling with my tunes but this chick is LOSING IT.... she's practically throwing a fit in her Suzuki XL7, arms flailing, cursing, the works. All the while, she keeps acting like she's gonna run the light.... but she would have no place to go as she is in a straight only lane as am I.... it leads right into a train! Instead, she runs the light, damn near shaves the bumper of my trep with her illegal turn + red light violation and right as she does this.... Arlington Police to the rescue!

She got OWNED.... the penalty for endangering my trep is quite severe.

What a concept.... use the police force to get whack jobs off the road and assist motorists in need instead of using it as a big revenue machine!
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