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With all the posts on bugging companies to make chips for our cars i'll post one that actually already does. This is an e-mail from a while ago when i first got my intrepid & was looking for performance stuff. god i hope i get some cash for christmas because if i do i'm going to vote the dang governer of my car out of office :D :D

Bryan M
Also can be done on both 3.3 & 3.5! & 2nd gen owners do not despair the chip for the 2.7 says you guys get a 22 hp increase, not sure about 3.2

Price: $319.00

The price reflects on the type of PCM it is. Correct, you've been told
right, it is a Gel sealed PCM. There is alot of time involved, first we
remove the gel. Then, we remove the factory chip. Next, we install a socket.
Last, we install the ASE Chip
and reseal the PCM with gel. Now, that way we charge what we do, it's a long


Info ASE Chips <[email protected]>
4075 E. La Palma Ave. Suite M
Anaheim, CA 92807
Toll free (866) ASE FAST (ORDER ONLY)
Phone (714) 632 9344
Fax (714) 632 9345
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> I have the 97 3.3 Dodge intrepid engine, how do you install your chips
> i have been told that my car has a "sealed" computer? How much for the
> speed limiter removing chip??
> Thanks

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I have a Intrepid RT with 35k on it and I drive it like a NASCAR. The only thing I have done to protect the trans is to use synthetic trans fluid. I also have exlarge cone areoflow air filter. It run's great. I'm looking for a chip at this time and have visted ASE site.


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Originally posted by Ronald Muccioli:
I'm looking for a chip at this time and have visted ASE site.
Did you also find their site to be full of missing pics and missing links???

Since I can't seem to get anywhere on their web site due to all the missing links, I can't verify this.

I believe it was ASE that had "HAND DRAWN" dyno graphs. Also, one of the Stratushere guys bought an ASE chip. He dynoed is car before and after the chip. He said the chip did nothing. I would be very wary about ASE.

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Yea, but I still cant get over the fact that the dyno chart looks HAND DRAWN!! Has anyone confronted them about that? Is there any kind of gaurantee on this chip? When I get together enough money, and a back up PCM just in case, Ill go ahead and do it probably. But well have to see. There was something on my pcm about how the pcm needed to be mated to the car with the vin # or using some kind of electronic tool...

Anyone know what kind of precautions there are in changing a PCM? Can I just swap them out and not worry about much? or what...

Oh, and what are the specs for the 1st gen 3.5 chip That would be nice to know before
putting down that kind of money

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I called the guys at ASE and they do not have any chips for Itrepids at this time! They need a car to put the chip in and then put it on the Dyno and tweak it in!

The only company that has chips ready to ship is JET. I called them and there chip is adjustable.
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