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One More Item found on the shelf after I moved the servers......

Abit AT7 mobo. This is a pretty unique mobo, it has NO parallel or serial ports although it does have a boatload of USB 1.1, 2.0, and Firewire ports. 4 channel (8 devices) Highpoint ATA-133 RAID, an additional 2 channels (4 devices) of 'standard. IDE. AGP 4x slot, 3x PCI slots. 4x memory slots (up to PC2700 DDR). CPU spec is SlotA (AMD Athlon, etc, etc).

The BIOS lets you clock your CPU up to 250 Mz FSB (!!) as long as your memory is up to the workout. The BIOS also works with ram sticks that have the SPD auto-config chips.

VIA KT333/VT8233A chipset.

Audio (including an SP/DIF connector) & 10/100 (both RealTek chips) on the mobo.

You will need a USB keyboard because this mobo has NO PS/2 connectors.

I've also got 1 GB of IBM/Micron PC2100 ram (4x 256 MB) that was running on this board in 4:1 interleave mode. These ram sticks do have the SPD auto-config chips.


Board only: $75 + $10 shipping

Board + 1 Gb RAM: $150 + $10 Shipping

Board + 1 Gb ram + Athlon XP 2600+: $200 shipped

Board + 1 Gb ram + Athlon XP 2600+ + Matrox G550 AGP video: $250 shipped

Everything PLUS a PC case with 350 watt power supply: $375 shipped. Just add drives and you have a complete system!

The board and components have been on the shelf for about 6 months. I dropped everything into a case just now to check things out. They boot up Knoppix, XP Pro, Server 2003, and memtest86 without problem.
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