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WOW! 4 seasons of fantasy racing and each year we've had a new champion. Here are the final standings for the NASCAR Fantasy Racing League.

1 jeffs nascar team 9,485

2 dabirdz96 9,475
3 OneFore9 9,399
4 dB 9,192
5 bigdaddy racing 9,065
6 BcIntrepids 8,804
7 Go_#12_Charger 8,717
8 gazetowardthesky 6,411
9 Sk8-4ever 3,844
10 chad177 3,179
11 Icecream Man 2,460
12 Deeds For Speed 2,334
13 bigtketz165 1,665

Our past champions were -

2002 - 94 IntrepidEs
2003 - Ottowrkr
2004 - Team 77
2005 - Jeff's Nascar team

Now for the good part. I need the TOP 6 Finishers to send me a PM with some vital info. I really need this ASAP because of some shipping details I need to work out with one of my prize suppliers

Fantasy league name user name (or if a friend of a member - the members name)
Real name
shipping address zipcode included
t-shirt sizes (just in case)
favorite driver

*SPECIAL NOTE* Since I'm the 5th place guy, I forfeit my winnings to the next guy down the ladder(as I have done in the past!) So "BcIntrepids" make sure you send me your info.

I try to be fair when it comes to the prizes but it really depends on what I can mange to "acquire" from the prize closet. I try to get them out as soon as possible but realistically they usually ship out in about a couple weeks before Christmas. Please keep this in mind if you want them shipped to another address.

I want to thank everyone who participated this season and I hope to see everyone and a few more in February.

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good work as usual man. I wish i hadnt had the major computer failure i did over the summer. I had about 3-4 weeks there where my picks were all repeats. Next year, you guys will see!!
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