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Imagine my surprise to find you so easily after just getting to the site!! I saw you yesterday in Mason out of the window of my car!!! I'm sure you were wondering, "What the hell kind of kick ass car is that? No badging....doesn't look like an's pretty loud...must be fast!!" :D Well, yes it is fast. Faster than you. :D Too bad we didn't get a chance to go at it, I would've loved to show you what real power is. :D :D :D ...Rice "Burner" appropriate for you.
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Well it's too bad Mitsu doesn't live in Baltimore. I'd love to take a shot at him. After all, I'm 2 for 2 against his make of car and both times I had no intention of racing. But after getting tailgaited (75 in a 55 zone), I decided to give them a run. Both times I walked them going through the esses and left them in the dust. And they were RICED out - all show - no go - and the best thing is - when we got to the light - both times - neither one wanted to drag. I might not beat you but I think you may be in for a surprise. So let me know if you'll be in this area and we can hook up. By the way, you're driving a mopar product and put money in Chryslers pocket when you bought your car.

The thing that suprises me the most is why you would even want to 'mess' with a mom/pop car (even though we'll out handle you at speed) when you could be doing BMW's etc.

How do you do against 'Stangs and Camaros - isn't that your competiton ???
Originally posted by Starscream:
And its spelled poon-tang warlord. ;)
This cold is really kicking my ass. :) I should have caught that little spelling mistake. :D
Since freaking Christmas day, its been like Seattle here! 40-50 degree weather with nasty rain outside or just sprinkling and grey outside. Roads are damp and slick as hell... I freaking have to accelerate slow as hell turning out of my housing plan just not to peel out. I HATE when I peel out... yuck. Its almost gotten me killed a few times turning out thinking I could make it and I loose traction and peel for 10ft till I have to let of the gas to get it to catch.. It sucks only driving this car for like 5 months... :rolleyes:
Having a girl is a pain in the ass its always better to have one night stands.
as for lhser that fat boy likes to talk junk its worthless cause fat bastard never accomplishes anytying.
its like hes a fat yapping parrot.

i think all that anger is from him having one of the ugliest car on this forum
Speaking of junk talkers...

I'm not even going to waste my breath on your riced-out boom-box on wheels. So why don't you take your spiteful, and altogether useless comments on over to Battle Board where half-assed, lack-wit bullshit comments like yours are more appreciated.

Good day.
HAHAHA :D You had to correct someone today didn't you after I corrected your "putang" spelling didn't ya warlord? :cool:
My sister has a nice rice burner. (Jap Car)
Sis's car is here
She Has a Spyder now, but owned a 3000 VR-4 with moving spoiler before.(Same color) dont know if this is the old car or new one?
we have never raced each other, i know she will pull away from me at the light, but i will be thru the next light before her!

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Originally posted by LHSer:
...where the bear shits in the buckwheat?
Where exactly does a bear **** in the buckwheat? Or did I just answer my own question?
hell naaaw, that was mean man! poor guy might go postal and shhht!

Take care guys and be safe.....

MoparPerformance :cool:
I'm not even going to waste my breath on your riced-out boom-box on wheels.
LHSguy, you're killing me! LOL!
haha...boombox on that's :D
I cant say anything about his ricey trep beings as my car sounds like it has balls but alas it doesnt :p
Originally posted by MadTxn:
Where exactly does a bear **** in the buckwheat? Or did I just answer my own question?
At least he's getting his fiber!

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Can't we all just get a bong...i mean get along
This riced out bom box gets more looks than youre ugly looking car will. and not also that i will smoke youre car i just wish you were near down here in florida then you can be the judge of that.

Sk8-4ever cant we get a bong?? Yes we can get a bong lets smoke remmber puff puff pass

:D :D
the boombox on wheels probably gets more laughs than anything else. on top of that there's no way you could beat LHSer's car in that thing. maybe pimped's 3.3 (sorry).
Going to stay silent on this one even though I want to respond soooo bad :mad: . Just lucky 97 sport platinum and 97purple_trep are holding me back, yeah thats right. I have to make just one comment, when does using stolen water main pipes for exhaust make you faster?
Not cool. bro how lets add this up i have exhaust intake ase chip. not also that ill smoke you too just to humiliate you both.

94intrepid es i dont have stell stuff like you do sorry. i can afford **** if need you dumb **** suck my ****ing dick i wish yah ****** were down in florida then we can see who talks. its just wack to talk junk on here that shows youre more of a ****ing pussy biatch :eek: :eek: :eek:
Hey Warlord - what pay per view channel ??? Can't miss this one !!!
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