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Audi feels confident it can meet it’s sales targets for 2008 despite the recent economic downturn in the United States.

“We have been surprised in the last few weeks day-by-day by a dramatic downturn in banking systems. End of December we know exactly where we are,” Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler said on Wednesday at the Reuters Auto Summit in Paris.

“Nevertheless looking at the environment for Audi, I feel quite confident we can reach and achieve this.”

Year to date, sales have increased 2.8% from last year, which is proof that the brand is healthy and strong.

Stadler reconfirmed that manufacturing of Audis in the United States will be decided on next year, as there seems to be concerns in the currency exchange department.

Audi was in talks with Porsche in regards to supplying diesel engines for the Cayenne SUV, but talks have ceased as a result of an ongoing Auto Union feud with Porsche SE’s board member Wendelin Wiedeking.

Audi is still committed to providing consumers with a full electric vehicle by 2012 the latest, while reducing it’s carbon-dioxide emissions by 20% by the same time.

Rumors are circulating that the electric vehicle will be based on the upcoming Audi A1 that is set to debut in 2009.

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