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15 Posts's my .02 worth. Sure you can get stuff cheap on the internet, but do you really know who your giving your money. I am a manufacturer's rep for many 12V audio and security companies, and I hear about people who get screwed on the internet everyday.
Now, about your system. The Intrepid is an awesome car to work with. You have 6.5" openings in the door which is perfect for just about any component set (I'm using the Diamond Audio M561). The rears are a 6x9, I made a panel that holds another set of M561's in the 6x9's location. So far, no holes cut and no speakers are visible. Note that the rear speakers must fire through the rear deck, which causes a lot of sound quality degredation. I will cut into the rear deck and mount them in there in the future. Oh, yeah...I used the factory CD player! As for the subs, I am using (3)Diamond Audio MacDaddy 10's (Hence the license plate:) The box is firing right into the rear seat....IT SOUNDS AWESOME! The real key to doing this right is the PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION!!! It is completely possible to hook up a high performance amplifier to your factory deck, however, if it's not done right, it will sound like a$$ (engine whine, static, lousy sound quality, etc.) I am using a Rockford Fosgate Punch 800a4 for my front and rear speakers. This amp is perfect because it has high level inputs so you can just run your speaker wires from the factory sysytem into it. I used the pass through output from that amp to run to a Rockford Fosgate Power 1100a2 for the subs.
I know this is a little more than you are looking to do, but it can be done with less expensive products, even from the same high quality manufacturers that made my stuff.
I can't stress enough how important the installation is though. The speakers in the doors you can probably do yourself, the hardest part is making a plate to mount the tweeter in the factory location. The rear speakers carry the same challenges, but you can still accomplish this very easy. My sub box was custom made to the woofers' EXACT specification. NOTE: You can buy the best products in the world, but if they're not used or installed as they were intended, they won't perform to their capabilities. The construction of the sub box and the installation of the amplifier(s) I would have professionally installed.
Sorry that this was a bit long winded, but this what I do.....
I have of couple of pics of the trunk install, I just don't quite know how to post them here. Drop me an email if you're interested.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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