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$100 is exactly what I paid for the install of sub/amp with parts and labor. I would HIGHLY recommend letting a shop do the labor unless you are very good with car audio yourself. Nothing worse than spending big bucks on a system adn getting engine noise through it or even worse no sound at all. I did a little shopping in my area of CT and it seems all the shops charge about the same so I asked around and chose the one with the best reputation.

I personally stay away from the big supertore chains(best buy, circuit city) and stick to the local car audio dealers, it is the same product but the installers have more pride in their work and will not hesitate to make free repairs if needed down the road.

As was already said, what you want to end up with is the biggest decision maker, are you like me and just want to "fill in" the voids left by your factory audio or do you want a "homeboy" bass system that can shake your car off it's tires?
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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