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2 Notes before attempting..

1. Your car must have the sun sensor on the upper dashboard

2. Worst case dont like the aesthetic look of how this works break the switch and need to get another one. it is.
I had in the past a 98 intrepid ES. It had auto climate and the sun sensor. It did NOT have auto headlights.
The Only thing preventing you from having auto headlights is the switch itself. My switch was just off, park, on, and pull out for fog lights.

Here's what you do. Take your strong hand, LOL, place the headlight switch in the off setting and begin twisting counter clockwise. Twist more....twist MORE...and you'll hear a crack.

If you did this correctly, the switch will not have broke, but will have broken the "stop tab" that keeps it from rotating to the far left position for auto headlights. now have auto headlight control. Just minus the auto lettering on your switch.

In my case, the switch was perfectly fine after i did this. There is actually an additional stop to the left after the auto headlight position so.. when i was all said and done, my switch behaved exactly like one that had auto headlights to begin with. Also this was with the factory switch it was not an aftermarket switch in any way


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