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From the Detroit Free Press:

Auto industry must save itself, CEO says

May 28, 2006



Michigan auto companies have some thorny issues, but shouldn't wait for anyone in Washington to resolve them.

That's the key message Chrysler Group President and CEO Tom LaSorda will take to Mackinac Island when he speaks Thursday at the Detroit Regional Chamber's annual policy conference. Eight of every 10 U.S. automotive jobs, he said, are directly related to DaimlerChrysler, General Motors and Ford Motor Co.

In an interview Wednesday, LaSorda asked: "Can we wait for the federal government to take bipartisan action" on issues like skyrocketing health care costs, or making more fuel pumps available with E85 ethanol-based fuel?

"Or should we lead here in Michigan by getting business, labor and government together to come up with unique solutions?"

He'll suggest that Michigan's leaders take the latter approach, although he's not prescribing specific solutions.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has made several proposals to expand availability of affordable health insurance and provide incentives to businesses that offer insurance to workers. She also has said she would support bills now in the Legislature that would provide grants to gas station owners that convert pumps for E85.

Meanwhile, LaSorda said Chrysler and the United Auto Workers are still discussing the company's desire for retiree health care cost reductions similar to those approved recently at GM and Ford.

Even though Chrysler doesn't face the same dire financial problems as GM and Ford right now, LaSorda said his company must have the same health care cost framework.

"The issue is competitiveness," he said. "In pattern bargaining, you don't give one company an advantage over another."
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