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I purchased an Auto-Lights switch with fogs on eBay from a LHS and was all prepared to tear into the dash last night to run a wire to #11 on the BCM, I had printed out the how-to and had schematics all ready to go. I removed the bezel around the switch and the three screws holding it in, when I pulled it out I noticed that there was already a yellow wire in position 1 of the gray connector (which the how -to said I would have to connect to). ??

So I just removed both connectors and installed the new switch, I put the switch in the A position, started the car and covered the sun sensor with my hand, about 5 seconds later voila' the lights came on, I removed my hand and they shut off. I guess that everything was already connected in my car except having the switch. I was done in 10 minutes.

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