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Why do my doors lock every time I drive the car?

This feature is called Autolock. The doors will automatically lock if the car is in gear, all doors are closed and vehicle speed is above 15MPH

How do I disable/enable this feature?

The automatic locks can be enabled or disabled by performing the following steps

1: close all doors and place the key in the ignition

2: cycle the ignition switch ON and OFF 4 times ending in the OFF position

3: depress the power lock switch

A single chime will indicate the completion of the programming

What is Central locking?

Central locking is a feature that allows you to control all doors from the driver's outside door lock. Locking the door using the key in the drivers lock will lock all doors. You can also unlock all doors by turning the key to the unlock position twice in 5 seconds. The first turn will unlock the drivers door only, the second turn will unlock all doors.
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