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Well I was at the auto show on Wednesday. Wow, what a show, it was great, going on a weekday helped as well because I got to see all the concept cars. I did like the Dodge desplay, The new Neon SRT is ****in sweet, and as well as that new Ram with the Viper Engine in it, I love those 24" rims. And for other companies I did like the Ford 49 and the GT40, they were both cars I would love to own. Guy I went with took 150 pics on his digital camara, I got the pics on CD today, Im going to go through them and see what I can pick out from DC, there wont be much because he is a VW guy, its slim with teh DC pics. Oh well. But great show, if you have never been to the auto show its something you may want to check out. P.S. go on a weekday morning, way less people.
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i would have liked to be there. it would be cool to see that new Neon SRT-4 in person.
oh, she is one sweet ride, I would like to see it in its origional color of black with the black/blue interor, that would look better than yellow.
I went to the auto show on Sunday. That Neon SRT-4 IS one sweet ass ride! That Ram, OH MY GOD!!! The Crossfire...BONER!!!!

Yes, the Ford GT40 is one sweet ride also.

Now don't take this the wrong way, but is it just me, or did it seem like that most of the people hanging around the Acura displays were Asian??? :)

What I did find funny was the young (high school teens) sitting in the "ricer type" cars like the Acura RSX, Honda Civic, and such. I'm sure they were thinking how much stickers could I fit on this thing!! :D
Do you know which auto show it was? We're having one in Charleston,WV this weekend. It's not as big as the Detroit show but I think this group tries to do shows all over the country. Here is the web page for the show. I've got a lot of things going on this weekend but I'm gonna try to make it.
One day, I will go to the "bigdaddy" of autoshows.... :cool:
I visited yesterday. Was very impressed at this show. Tell me the Jeep display wasn't about the coolest thing you've ever seen with that waterfall. Dodge had a nice setup to with the buried truck and the river scene with the Ram and Dakota. So, what exactly is the deal with the new SRT label? I saw the Intrepid with the R/T badging on the door, but on the trunk it read SRT?

Anyone check out the Ford Mighty F350 Tonka truck? That thing was extremely impressive to me, and in that yellow color really made it.

The Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge show they put on was cool with the floating vehicles and stuff. GM had a pretty nice display show with thier new 'innovations.' Overall, I was very impressed by this show, no doubt I will be going back in the future shows to come.
yes the Jeep waterfall was amazing. And for the dodge Intrepid SRT, I think its gay, they ruined the R/T thing in 2002 by offering all the options that they did, In 2001 they had it right with the basic car with the biggest amount of balls.Thats what the R/T is all about, thats why they made it like that, now they are doing it with the SRT. But next year we will have the new car at the show. I hope they keep the Intrepid name and not go with some new name.
I went on Friday, BLKBUTE is right, go early in the morning. We were there at 9:55 and it was great. We parked close by but paid $12.00 in a tightly cramped parking lot. I parked between a new Jimmy and a Caddy so no door dings ! Anybody get their pic taken in the Dodge area ?
Yeah I did. By the red Supertruck. Not to change the subject but, The Trep and the Status both share the 2.7. And you can get the Status in a stick.HMMMM
Originally posted by Candyman:
So, what exactly is the deal with the new SRT label? I saw the Intrepid with the R/T badging on the door, but on the trunk it read SRT?
I could have sworn the label read SXT.
It is SXT, I know I said SRT, my mistake.. I was having the Neon in my head.
Originally posted by Candyman:
you are right I meant SXT, any idea what its all about?
Maybe this will help.

I also say the SXT /RT at the show. I think DC screwed up .That car was an R/T . All they did was remove the R/T stickers and the 3.5 one and put the SXT on it. It had many options that are not available on the SXT . Yeah its to bad they did not make a SRT version of the trep. I guess we will have to wait till 04. The ford GT-40 was cool but hey they did that car some 30 years ago ,all they did was put some modern touches on it -big deal. Warlord , you saw that to :confused: HHMM!!! You think that's bad I would say about 90% of Asian's who work at my plant also drive Toyota,Acura ,Honda. Really pisses me off . :mad: :mad:
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