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what is a autostick lol i am totaly confused
Ability to manually select gears
Ability to start from 2nd or 3rd in inclement weather to improve traction
Allows downshifting while coming down steep inclines to maintain speed
Improved performance with quicker, more firm shifts

The system works by dropping the shifter down into a gated area on the shift assembly which allows the shifter to be pushed to the right (up-shift) or to the left (down-shift). When the driver pushes the shifter in either of these directions the assembly sends a signal to the TCM to shift up, or down depending on the driver's actions. Dropping the shifter into the Autostick gate while the vehicle is moving will simply keep the vehicle in the current gear selected.

If the user does not shift while driving in the Autostick mode, the transmission will automatically up-shift at redline to prevent engine/transmission damage, and will not downshift into redline. When coming to a complete stop, the system will automatically return to first gear. According to the owner's manual in the event of a critical failure the system will revert to a full automatic mode.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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