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So after loosing our 98 Concorde Lxi to an untimely death...aka old lady who thought red means Go Go Stop... I had my mind set on getting and Concorde/Lhs/300M some wife also insisted many times on how much she loved it and how it saved her last year.

So...long story short....last Thursday we got an LHS with 121k miles, 2001, for 3000$ from a guy who got it 5 months ago when his dad, first owner, passed away.

Very happy with it.... really really clean, body is all good, car FAX checked aright on it...Florida car, way better sharp than our Concorde was when I got it from my mom.... runs good so after the t belt/water pump, which I have to do soon just to be sure, some mods will follow.

First somewhat mod: swap in my old chrome knob, cleared the headlights, and today small repair... radiator cap and some coolant added, floor mats and wipers.

Hids coming next week and outside door handle lights next week (had them for the code never got to put them in)..

...paint looks good just need some touch up paint for couple chips in front and some hairline swirls....

Big ass cars they are...longer than the to park it to the wall to have enough room tto walk behind it with the garage closed...might need a bigger house/garage

...came with seat covers....I know...not my cup of tea...but wife loves this Car so much she will drive it... she told a friend of hers that her car can eat up her 2010 infinity and spit it out like a bad tooth....
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