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Howdy All,

I have been devising a plan to make a temporary mural type picture on my back window with cut vinyl to honor the heroes and victims of the Sept 11th WTC tragedy.

I was looking to make a simple but good looking picture...Maybe depicting the skeletal skin remains of the tower in gray with outlines of a fireman in red and a policeman in blue. And of course our Stars and Stripes and some appropriate writing. If anyone would like to help design this, please post any ideas or pictures here.

I plan on buying vinyl sheets in different colors. I am a really good cutter with my trusty exacto knife, so the shapes don't have to neccessarily be super simple. It can take up as much of back window as neccessary. I'll probably keep it a month or two...depending on how it holds up over the winter.

Thanks for any help in advance...
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