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Bad Day!!!

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Well this has been as bad of a day since the day my tranny went out a month ago. I went to cash a $350 check for my old RX7 at the guys bank and got the NSF (Not Sufficient funds). I was kind of scared on this one because he gave me a check and said if I would hold it until today he would give me an Alpine CD player. I said ok and went to hook up the radio and got smoke. I am not happy. So I figure I will go to one of these check cashing places and put it between him and them.
Then I forgot my lunch at home for work went to get it on the CB350 and when I went to park it when I got back I got a clunk and the tranny locked up. I already had a winter project, but this one will take precedence. Figure I might as well go all out and restore the 30 year old bike instead of just touching up the tranny, beef up the motor and beat some bigger bikes because of the weight issue.
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With the check thing:

You have the guy's address on it of course, so if the money doesn't come through contact the police, report the car stolen and show them the bad check to boot.

A little advice: Always refuse to deliver the goods until the check has cleared, thats what I always do.

Good luck.
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