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My 99 has been pulling to left and right since the day i bought over a yr ago. I also hav a serious vibration in front end now. I know it isn't my tires. I've been reading a lot on this site and im still not sure. If it could b bad bushings on tie rods and or all bushings because they all look like they need replacement. Now as for the steering gear, can it b the cause of left n right pull an vibr. Help!!! I need answers so i can fix n drive again as it is unsafe right now. All of this has gotten so seriously worse in past few months. Any help will b appreciated thanks
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I would check inner tie rod bushings first. Could easily be causing all of your issues.
Same symptoms I had turned out the be the inners... took me about 2 hours to do (really easy if you have the 2.7L, lost of room to work with... 3.5 little more cramped but workable...

Have someone move the steering wheel back & forth and look for excessive play, shouldn't be any movement on the tie rods where they bold to the rack.
I've looked at bushings and they do look worn out. But lol i forgot i hav a bad motor mount fir sure. Which would explain the clunking sound when i go over bumps slowly. Tie rods seem tight but i will watch while my son moves steering wheel to check for movement. Yesterday we did this so i could watch steering gear.although i didn't see anything wrong im not sure. All bolts r tight on all rods, so back to searching for problem an locating motor mount since i know where it's at. Thanks guys :)
Tie rod bushings would b cause of it pulling left an right when stopping even on uneven roads? So can i just change bushings or do i have ro replace whole tie rod?
just replace the bushings on the inner tie rods and then report back.
just replace the bushings on the inner tie rods and then report back.
X2! Napa sells a split type version.
Thanks for info. Will do bushings an let ya know if that fixed it
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