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1. A volume knob is just a fancy resistor, right?

Well sort of. Its a variable resistor with audio range taper.

2. A subwoofer's loudness (without going into details) is controled by the volume of your stereo, right?

the output of the amplifer is, yes.

3. SO, if you installed a variable resistor between your inputs and subwoofer, could you control the loudness with that?

Yes you could control the loudness of your sub with the correct potentiometer (variable resistor).

The problem is, finding a potentiometer with the correct values to properly work in you setup.

IIRC the basslink is more than just a volume control, it added an extra level of crossover, cutting the frequencies you dont want the sub to get, and had the ability to boost specific frequencies.

AudioControll makes the Epicenter which is something very simular but adds a extra bit of boost that really can make a nice difference in a system..
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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