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Getting ready to go back to college and decided to do all the regular maintenance like oil, brake pads, rotate the tires etc.
I take a look at the battery and it looked like the original DC battery, I've had the R/T for 2 years and I'm thinking that a new battery is not a bad idea.
So I remove the old battery and install the new one while using a battery trickle charger to maintain all my settings in the radio and OBDII.
While installing the new battery the positive cable touches the frame and it sparks a little, now after the battery is hooked up every thing is great except the factory radio/ cd player makes this continuous popping noise when the radio or cd is powered up. I have no volume control, the power to the radio is working so I can turn off the popping, but I have no sounds in cd or radio, the clock does display when off.
I did read where I should have turned all my accessories off but that water under the bridge now.
I've worn out your search section of the server for 2 days and have found some popping speaker issues but they relate to amp mismatch or wiring problems.
I also disconnected the battery to reset the computer hoping that would clear up the problem to no avail
Any ideas on how to fix this without going to debtors prison would be great and while I'm kicking myself feel free to join in.
Anyone ??
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