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Battery jump starter – smart decision for unexpected stops!

Every car driver is afraid of the day, when their car's battery just won't start – at any time, any place with no help around. In this case a good car battery can be a real life saver, especially during those cold winter nights in the middle of nowhere. You can always be prepared with Peak® - Battery Jump Starter! It is safer to use, store and transport than traditional jump-start methods.This battery provides 12V DC power to run/charge mobile phones, work lights, radios and many other DC-powered accessories.


- Charging status LED indicators
- 12 DC portable power outlet
-Durable High Impact resistant housing
-Built-in AC Charger.

Peak® - Battery Jump Starter

Peak carries different products for extreme climates and working conditions. You can find all of them here: Peak | Remote Controls & Automotive Electronics at

Hit me up with PM or comment below if you're interested!
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