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Need to replace BCM on my 98 intrepid 2.7. My auto mechanic says he's never had to do one yet, it's not something that commonly goes. The part costs $700 at the dealer.
My auto mechanic suggested trying one from a wreckers first and matching up the information from the wrecker's one with mine. Now I've read all kinds of horror stories about
contaminating the PCM with a BCM that is not programmed exactly to my car, and then having to again replace both the PCM and BCM at the dealer. Tried to send an email to TorontoFireCaptain because he seems knowledgeable about this but I don't have enough posts yet to be permitted to send him an email! Can anyone give me good advice on this.

The problems I am having were the temperature knob and the directional control were only intermittently working over a few years, and now not working at all. Also have odd problems sometimes where my headlights blink on and off on their own, as do the interior lights.
Auto mechanic spent a long time diagnosing it and finally said it's the BCM, for sure -
should I take to the dealer to replace with dealer part?

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