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Beat a ricer

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Zup guys! :)
I don't usually race, you know I have the 2.7. But last Sat night I was with 2 of girl friends, we were all at the front just cruising around and listening to some music, when I got to a red light and I see this typical ricer (shyni rims, big muffler, decals), he had 4 people in there. He looked at me and started making all that noise from his muffler. So, we waited for the light, and there we go, beat him for about 1.5 cars ahead. This was on a Sat night and a street with the speed limit of 35, so once i beat him, i just slowed down a little bit, and he passed me like if he was trying to make up for his humiliation getting beaten by a 4-door family sedan :D My friends got all excited :cool:
Was this a fair race? He Had 4 people, but i do too have 3 people in the front.
Anyways, it was fun! :p
what do you think?
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Even though you had two girls (probably 200 lbs max) and he had three people in there, your car still out weighs him. I think it was more that fair, other then getting humiliated in front of some women! :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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