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Beating the FLYING WEDGE!

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This may not be regional, but here in the Twin Cities some drivers like to drive side-by-side with another vehicle (they seem to prefer semi's) in what we call the "flying wedge." They do this to punish you for wanting to get around their slow ass. Yesterday, I was southbound on 52 going over the Lafayette bridge when I found myself trapped behind gramps in a late 80's Caprice in the left lane and a Ryder truck in the right. Gramps was doing a little better than the Ryder, so I pulled in behind him and hoped he would change lanes once he got around the truck. We're doing fine, so I start edging up a little. I'm about even with the truck cab when gramps starts glancing in the rearview. He doesn't like how close I'm getting and touches his brakes. I back off like a good boy (I'm not getting any younger myself). But then he slows down and traps me in the dreaded flying wedge! I was about to give up hope of passing until the three-lane when I realised the next exit was Eaton. There's no underpass at Eaton! Only on from and off to the West. I ducked behind the truck and took a look down the upcoming exit. Nothing. I dove down the off-ramp and punched it. I don't have to tell you other R/T owners about the G's you feel when you hit passing gear. I held it to the floor and let the tranny do the work, praying there wasn't a city/county/state cruiser coming up behind on the frontage road. I rocketed past the Caprice and the truck on the highway above, then shot up the on-ramp and back onto 52 ahead of them! Not really a race, but I claim a kill anyway. What say ye all? :)
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Rapid Transit nice move been there before to. Or the old couple in the left lane on 694 during rush hour going 45 in a 60 zone with a slow semi next to them. Nice sliver R/T where did you buy it from?
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