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Hi everyone:

I have a 99 2.7L

While working on my trep my PCI bus network quit working (no DTCs upon keydance, just returns to odometer reading). As Chrysler in all their wisdom didn't appear to put any PCI network testpoints in I cut the wire between the BCM and PCM to try and figure out which side of that network the problem was on. Turns out the PCM was ok. Nothing was coming from the BCM side (which means it could be ANY other module :\ ). Learning as I went I removed the junction box, pulled the BCM and bench tested it and it turns out comm looked good on that. Upon testing the rest of the PCI bus lines I found I'd lost comm on the PCM! I plugged everything else back in (thinking maybe it needed something from the junction block). Still nothing (from the wire that is cut). I even tried several spare PCMs I have (some of which I know are good) and still nothing.

I checked the powers and grounds with a test light and (after making sure there wasn't any connection to either power or ground) grounded the PCI wire to the PCM (C2:59) and fed power into that with a small test light and it checked out.

So, I'm reverting back to bench testing the PCM. I've tried powering it up with tiny jumpers and see nothing on its PCI with my scope. When I hook up the power and ground I get about 1.5 milliamp draw (which seems a bit low for it to be really running to me). Again I've done it with several of them.

Does anyone know what I have to hook up to this PCM to get it to come alive other than power, ground, and monitor its comm?

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