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best way to get rid of problems :)

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Well, ran to best buy today got a hard drive for someone.. and just lovin that the Packers won. ANYWAY.. on the way home, I pull up to a stoplight on Clairemont... and a buncha chicks in a Mitsu- mirage were sittin there, eggin me on for a race-thing. well I kinda laughed.. I guess they were just havin fun, I am quite the stud... :rolleyes: so I pull away, match their acceleration.. get the bird from the chick in the passenger seat, and decide to push the pedal to the floor. WEEE!

ANyway... I get back to my place, and the engine sounds like it is running better... no more little tap tap tap noises at idle, and no more tick tick tick noises when the RPS hit 4500+. I musta cleared some of the oil passages by the lifters! If only all the problems could be solved by having fun. :)
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Don't get to big up on the Pack..they were only playing the Lions remember...hehe. should I charge you for messin' with my girls than Lafrad, yep it's true..i'm pimpin' all the way out there...
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