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Hi there!

As a true Mopar fan, I couldn't resist urging my family to go Mopar too! And the first one is in!
I'll be giving this car to my brother for his 20th birthday, in a few days.

Always maintained at Chrysler, transmission always filled with ATF+4 according to the bills I got from the previous owner.

2000 Chrysler Stratus, LX trim, 2.5L with AutoStick, a bit less than 100'000 miles on it. Black paint is in perfect shape, and stock aluminium wheels.
Black leather interior with wood trim, electric driver seat, heated fron seats. OEM radio with 6 CD changer, cruise control, RKE (no alarm), headlight washers, and it feels like she has an adaptative power steering (hard at high speed, soft at low speed) !

Picture taken at night in my parking lot

And at work, today (I could not resist driving it this morning)

Tranny needs to be serviced soon, engine will need some new oil in a few miles, and front tires need to be replaced. But she's a good car anyway. Runs great, the 2.5L is really nice, it sounds great when you push on it!

The 41TE is less responsive than the 42LE on my 300M but I guess it is related to the TCM...
I'll post some more pictures of the interior when as soon as rain stops! Damn it, it's been raining for days here!
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