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BMW M Gmbh Sales Exceed Figures Of Entire Previous Year Already In August 2008

BMW M GmbH is heading for a considerable plus in sales in this business year compared to 2007. In the 30th year since the start of vehicle production, the company has sold more than 16,150 units worldwide already between January and August, exceeding the total sales figure of the previous year (16,128 units). “This is really a strong statement of our customers”, said Ludwig Willisch, Chairman of the board of BMW M GmbH. “The fact that we have been able to achieve such extraordinary success, particularly in 2008, speaks for the uniqueness of the BMW M models.”

The success of the new BMW M3, underlined by continuously increasing sales since its market launch, has played a decisive role in this positive trend. This sports car, powered by a high-rev V8 engine delivering 309 kW/420 bhp, is offered in three versions; the BMW M3 Coupe, BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M3 Convertible. No less than 1,583 M3 models were sold worldwide in August 2008 alone.

The preconditions for continuing this trend are ideal. Following the successful launch of the M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic for the BMW M3, further innovative refinements will be introduced to enhance the attractive appearance of the three models. A feature of the BMW M3 Sedan will be divided rear lights with the brand-typical L-shaped contour with modifications to the bumper and rear lid. The three new models will also feature the new generation of the iDrive control system and innovative services of BMW ConnectedDrive.

The ideal start: The new BMW M3 more successful than the predecessor by nearly 100 per cent.

No less than14,589 BMW M3 models were sold already 14 months after the start of production; of these, 11,485 were sold between January and August of this year alone. The number of new BMW M3 models sold in the first year of production was nearly double that of the predecessor model at the same time in its lifecycle. The BMW M3 convertible on sale since spring 2008, of which nearly 2,300 units, and the Sedan launched shortly before, of which about 1,750 units were sold, made a significant contribution towards the overall success of the BMW M3.

Already now, 2008 is yet another chapter of success for BMW M GmbH in the history of its vehicle production. Since 1978, when the company which was established six years previously, presented the on-road version of the BMW M1 mid-engine racing car, the number of customers that decided for a BMW M model, has continuously increased. In June 2008, the 300,000th vehicle was delivered. “The fact that we have achieved the sales figures of the previous year already after just eight months testifies to the importance the unique driving pleasure BMW M models offer for our target group,” added Willisch.
Unrelenting fascination for BMW M5 and BMW M6.

Overall, the success in sales achieved up to now in 2008 is attributed to nine models of BMW M GmbH, whereby in addition to the BMW M3, the BMW M5 in particular has made a valuable contribution to the positive result with solid growth in sales figures. The award-winning model, powered by a V10 engine, delivering 373 kW/507 bhp, is available as a BMW M5 Sedan and BMW M5 Touring version. Since 2005, 18,649 units of the current BMW M5 were sold. The sales figures also for the current BMW M5 are therefore distinctly above comparable values of the predecessor model.

Unrelenting is also the global enthusiasm for the BMW M6 Coupe and BMW Convertible models, which are similarly powered by a V-10 engine. Nearly 12,000 customers have shown their preference for one of these two high-performance sports cars in a class of their own. 7,726 BMW M6 Coupes and 3,948 Convertibles were sold by August 2008. The sales figures of the first high-performance Coupe of BMW M GmbH, of which 5,855 of the BMW M635 CSi were sold between 1984 and 1989 worldwide, have already been substantially exceeded. With a number of innovations, including the competition package for the BMW M6 Coupe in particular, the history of success will be continued in the model year 2009.

The convincing performance of BMW M GmbH is rounded off this year by the final spurt of the BMW Z4 M Roadster and BMW Z4 M Coupe, the production cycle of which ended in August 2008. 5,070 Roadsters and 4,275 Coupes stand in the balance of this extraordinary sports car, the last BMW M models featuring the legendary six-cylinder in-line engine with 252 kW/343 bhp under the bonnet. This engine was awarded the title of “International Engine of the Year” in its class not less than six times. The successor is already secured as demonstrated by this year’s success of the new V8 power unit in this competition.

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