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Ok, so let’s say you’re a golfer and are passionate about your pickups. Very passionate. Lets say you like BMW’s and aren’t into SUV’s. Scratch X3, X5 and X6 off the list.

You want fun, rear wheel drive, manual transmission and a big V8. And enough space to pack your quad and other “must haves”, because you live down under.

You get a shop to spend 3000 hours and 3 years on an M5 and you come up with the sickest, most stylish BMW Ute the world has ever seen. The only one. This is not about the Pontiac G8 ST, or the Holden version of it. This is about the fire breathing M5 that has been converted to a pickup in Australia.

Recipe: Take a perfectly fine e39 M5, chop in half, add a section, make a custom rear skirt + misc. body pieces, weld together and done.

Why?** Because you can…

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