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Hey everyone, I figured I’d post here for maximum visibility. Last week I bought a 97 base Intrepid with the 3.5L V6. Brought it home and found the brake fluid was dumping on my driveway, took it to a shop and they said the lines weren’t tight at the callipers/drums and said they bled them. Problem is the brakes are firm when the engine is off, but get completely soft and hit the floor when the engine is running.

i took it to a former Dodge Truck/ AMC dealer in town and the mechanic said he tried for over an hour to check the brakes, but found the rear right drum is getting no fluid. That same tire ended up getting stuck last night when I released the parking brake to bring it to the shop, and got unstuck after it dragged on my garage floor for a few feet before I cycled the parking brake.

This shop said it would be too costly for them to go through the entire system to figure out what’s wrong, as they also claim there are particles in the brake line/cylinder, from apparently the wrong type of fluid being used in the system. It’s impossible to tell if this was before I bought the car, from the first shop I went to, or the DOT3 brake fluid I bought new was bad.

I’m going to try one more shop in town tomorrow that has access to a large inventory of recycled parts, but I’d like to explore some DIY options should they say it’s too costly. I’d like to fix this problem, as the car only has 110,000km on it. Thanks!
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