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A quick Body helpful hint, someday,, the hood cable may break, if that happens, its a total pain in the rear to open, a quick hint, and whats needed,

13MM deep socket
10 inch 1/4 extension
1/4 inch Rachet
Big Pry Bar
a long screwdriver
something long with a hook , (to get behind the hood lock) I used a serpintine belt tool,, worked great
, first off,, be careful, you can do damage to your hood, and or radiator support.
ok, now we dig in, using the Pry Bar, work it under the hood, and lift CAREFULLY, you will gain maybe a inch and a half, now, being we dont have 3 hands,, find something to hold the hood up, I used a a couple of screwdrivers with big handles and let the hood rest on the handles, now, work the 13MM on the extension in, its gonna be a pain, because, we have a nice rubber boot covering the lock, gonna have to use something to get that out of the way, , then the fun begins, remove the nuts, be careful, not to drop them,, or you will never see them again.:angrymob::angrymob:

now, with the nuts off you would think , just lift the hood,, right?? wrong, now get the lock off the studs ..
this is where the hook is usedplace the hook, behind of where the lock is on the hood, and pull, ok, that didnt work, so put a pair of vise grips on the tool, and vola, one side will slip off the stud, repeat on the other side, now,, finally, you can lift the hood high enouth to get your hand in and release it, , now, run a new cable, adjust the hood lock, and pray it dont happen again, A big Thanks goes to PEVA for giving me the basics, :Rockin:
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