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The other nite I was in my 94 3.3 intrepid and I at a light waiting for it to turn green. In front of me was a CRX and to the side of him a 91-92 (guessing) Accord (previous gen). When the light turned the CRX took off and the Accord chased after him, so I though here is a chance to see what my intrepid can do (just brought it in the fall). I floor it in 3rd and chase after the both of them. The CRX and Accord are now at another set of lights and there is 3 lanes but one of them ends just shortly after the set of lights (turning lane). So I decide to take them on in the turning lane. I cut over three lanes and apply the brakes but before I come to a stop, only going at the most 5-10 km/h, the light turns green well I floor it in 3rd again and did not realize that a snow bank in my lane and I only had to the end of the intersection to get in front of the Accord that I was racing. To my surprise and to theirs because I came out of nowhere I got in front of the Accord and CRX before the other side of the intersection and got into the Accords lane.
I'm now at another set of lights waiting for them to turn green and the Accord is coming up behind me and the CRX is just about to stop but the light turns green and the CRX floors it doing at between 30-40 km/h, off I go but to realize that there is to much snow on the road ahead and slow down. Well the Accord still isn't happy that I bet him and now want's to pass me in turning lane. I let him go for it because I know that my all-season will not keep the car on the road if I continue. He get in front of me and cuts his wheels to get me my lane. Well needless to say he lost control of his car and started heading toward the snow on the side of the road in my lane. I come to a complete stop and he smokes the bank spinning his car around and lifting his entire front end of his Accord AT LEAST 3 feet off the ground while still spinning and slaming it into back onto the road, thank god that no other cars where coming on the other side of the road.

I laughed at him, shock my head and drive off. Nice try but learn you limits before you write off your car dude.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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