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Calling Warlord187 and Si!!

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Hey guys... buddie.. pal...
I need a flavor. I was wondering how close either of you lived to west bloomingfield, Mi
I sent you guys emails in more detail, but no answer yet. Anyone else live near there?
thanx - Josh
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Hey Josh,

I tried to e-mail you with youre orginal
message to me but it kept bouncing :( anyway.

Well I looked at the one on e-bay and it sounds VERY good indeed, the
pics didnt come up though :( I think before I bought it I would want to know
its history in the respect of whats been done to it, how often has the
fluid been changed and with what? Has he had problems with the A/C?
Take it for a spin! :) You know the weaknesses of a Trep I Would just make
sure about all of that, and if that checks out and you love the ride then
the check! :)

I hope it all plans out for ya bud.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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