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Out here on the island, there's Tone's Tunes. That's where I and my g/f bring our cars. My g/f had a Viper alarm and remote starter installed on her car and she really likes it alot. They are really good people there, she had a problem with her tint that she had done there and they fixed it up no problem, no questions.

As for your illuminated entry, you'd really have to ask them about that. My g/f's car didn't have the dimming feature in hers, so I can't say if it will screw that up or not.

Anyway, Tone's Tunes is in Smithtown, here's all their info:


They are on Jericho, so it's really easy to find...a little past the Sagtikos on the Northern State. Ask for Anthony.

I live pretty close to there (about 4-5 miles) if you want to get together for some pics, let me know when you're in the area!
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