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Ill have pics of all, looking for in trade only two PG ms275, alpine IVA w200, alpine pxa-h701, PG DTX-9"" fiber optic cable.

ALL PRICES WITH OUT SHIPPING. Feel free to ask any question about specs ect., for refs my ebay is bdubs767, and for forum feed back sold ALL over...
ti 1000.2
RMS WATTS: 250x2 @ 4 ohms, 500x2 @ 2 ohms, 1000x1 @ 4 ohms(highly underated)

ti 9-5-1 w/ extra tweet and 5m driver and all assec.
Orginal retial vaule for just the ti 9-5-1 was $1,300 w/ extra items $1,600
the 5-1 off the xover can 75-300 watts rms per side, and the ti 9ms can take from 5o-175 watts rms.
ti 5-1 in car now..


extra single tweet and single 5m

ti 9ms


3 way xover. 24 db slope, high pass 300hz-8khz, BP, LP 30hz-600hz.

Infinty perfect 10" DVC subs

NIB Rockaford Fosgate 12" x3
$175 per sub
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