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i have a 2001 2.7 intrepid its been a very good and strong running car for a while but
last week there was a severly hot day and when i was about to take a client home it just died it started and died about 4 times and then after that it just didnt do a thing
all the lights and radio came on

but the starter wouldnt make a sound

3 days later the car started back up but died twice and on the 3rd try i was able to put it in my driveway

i had already bought a crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor a while ago so i replaced those. after that it started up and ran smooth for about 20 minutes then the rpm dropped dramatically kicked up to 3000 and leveled out and ran for about 3 seconds then died and after that the starter wont make a sound

im confused and just looking for some suggestions on what to do with it next
and how to solve this problem
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