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Group, Lou (luckkky13) and I want to plan a meet for July 7th in Chicago, a "consolation meet" for those of us that will not be able to attend Carlisle for one reason or another. This will be held in Chicago, IL...there is a very nice park across the street from Lou's house (in Darien, IL), or we can roill down to the lakefront like we did a few years ago.

With me having to replace my suspension, and being in Chicago to do it, this seems to be a logical thing to do. If you have kids / families, feel free to bring them. This can be a real fun day. We can wrench on the cars, hang out, grill / eat, etc.

Not trying to take thunder away from Carlisle as it is an awesome meet, with some they just can't afford to go, or have other reasons why they can't attend. This way, they can participate in a meet, and hang out with some cool people.

If interested, post here!!
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