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Some of you may have caught the Dodge Challenger recently breaking into primetime programming with the debut of the micro-series, Lucky Chance, which aired on TNT during commercial breaks of Bones and Law & Order.

In this micro-series, DEA agent Lucky Chance is caught in a web of betrayal and deception when he’s blackmailed by his nemesis and the infamous crime boss Bazza. A botched sting leaves Lucky with a Challenger, millions in cash, and a four-day cross-country challenge to deliver money and the evidence needed to clear his name.

If you want to check it out, the episodes are archived on the Lucky Chance micro-site within Also as a part of the Lucky Chance debut, Dodge is giving you the chance to win a Challenger just like Lucky’s in the TNT “Lucky Chance” Sweepstakes. For Official Rules, go to

To check out the archived episodes and more about the Lucky Chance micro-series visit


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