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I have an 02 Trep with the combo head unit cd/cassette.
it has an RAZ on the front. the (1)button for the radio has
disc up and the (5) button disc down. it has the mode
button but no cd-c button.
I would like to add a changer in dash or preferably in the trunk.

Does anyone know for sure if my radio has the changer controls.
The manual doesn't mention this.
I would put in the cassette only HU w/changer controls if
I have to (but would prefer to keep mine)
There are some low priced ones on e-bay I could go for.
I may not get a chance to ask my dealer before the auctions
end so any help would be appreciated

also I think I read that my harness is one wire. If I get a
cassette HU with two wires is there an adapter for connecting
it I also thought I saw something about the changer connector
having 8-pin round or 10-pin square. If this is correct is this
somethig I have to worry about when (or if) I buy this stuff on
and finally, any suggestions for a trunk changer (not FM modulated)

Thanks for your help
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