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You might as well get a new filter to.

Some tips for doing it yourself.

1. Put it up on car ramps.

2. Loosen the back corner bolts first, do not take them all the way out, just a few turns.

3. Loosen all the bolts on the back, about 4 turns. Then loosen the bolts going towards the front of the car, alternating sides. Then loosen the front ones, only about 1 turn out. The trans fluid should start to flow out of the back. If you take all the bolts out, you will have fluid all over the place, very messy! As the fluid stops flowing, loosen the bolts in the same pattern. After most of the fluid is out, then hold the pan level with one hand, and take all the bolts out.

4. Replace the filter. (Comes with instructions.)

5. Wipe the magnet off to get rid of all the metal flakes, and clean it off. I usually use brake cleaner, since it dries almost instantly.

6. Replace gasket, and follow the instructions.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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