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I am the guy who created that web page that 00ChryslerIntrepid has pointed out at the top of this thread. Yes he wrote me an e-mail and I guess he feels that he can have his opinion but no-one else should. 00ChryslerIntrepid , if you could read you would have seen that the transmission acted like **** from the day of delivery. I did not put the WRONG fluid in as you suggest. Why don't you talk when you know what you're talking about. Yes you have had good luck with your car, and hey good for you. But some of us have not been so lucky. And we are entitled to voice our opinions just as you are about your good fortune. I don't have to ***** about other car makers, they did not sell me a hunk of junk and then refuse to stand behind it. If they had I would have reason to include them on my website. You can call me an idiot, but only for buying a Chrysler Product. As for being stupid, have you ever heard the phrase, people in glass houses should not throw stones? Your day will come and then we'll see what you think of your buddies at Chrysler.
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