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That and obviously his dealership was just being a biatch about the whole issue.

I've taken my car into Chuck Van Horn Dodge in Plymouth about 3 times in the last 4 years. First time was to replace the timing belt (was not broken but the car was high mileage after I bought it in 98). The second time was in December of 2000 to have new struts and shocks put on it. And the third time was this past June when I simply needed to have valve cover gaskets replaced (they also found the passenger side head gasket was blown). After every time I picked up my car it was clean, no greasy hand prints anywhere, and it was tons of fun hittin' on their cashier girl.

I can't totally pass blame to the guy who's story we read above. Like I said, I think it's mostly the dealer's fault because they are the ones taking your money.
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