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This is to "announce" Chrysler LLC’s creation of the new "TELL US WHAT YOU THINK portion of their corporate site. This page has been created to collect and manage consumer input. It’s a questionnaire intended for research purposes, whether it’s corporate, brand or product related. Here’s a great opportunity to interact with the corporation and an alternate way of getting your voice heard; what’s also impressive is that Chrysler LLC is committed to reviewing all of the recommendations submitted.
If you’re interested, and it seems like many of you might be, please visit the site and "TELL US WHAT YOU THINK"… Chrysler LLC wants to hear what you have to say.

As an FYI, when you access the survey using the URL contained in this post Chrysler LLC will know that you were referred to the survey from one of the automotive enthusiast forums. This fact doesn't give any more weight to what you have to say as an individual; however they will have a very good idea of who is taking time to respond to the questionnaire and where the traffic is coming from, so please feel free to share with others.
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