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Does anyone remember Chrysler's VISORPHONE ? I remember it being a option in the early 90's minivan's and cars. It was a cell phone built into the drivers side sun visor. I just can not find a pic of the phone anywhere on the net. Chrysler sure did come out with a hands free option along time ago.

Here's a article from The New York Times on the phone:

New Phone May Foil Theft

By Marshall Schuon
Published: Sunday, February 4, 1990

We were talking the other night about technology and inventions and automobiles. As usual in such discourse, there were few revelations, but one of the guys digressed into a story he had heard, and the simplicity of the idea blew us away.

It had to do with a public library, in Chicago he thought, which had built a new home for its books.

The problem was how to get all those books from one building to the next. Libraries, dealing in penny fines, don't have lots of coin to spare, and this was no exception. The cost of packing and moving those tons of tomes was daunting.

But then the light bulb went on over somebody's head. The library asked each card-carrying member to visit the old building, take out 10 books and return them to the new building. Et voila!

The point is that terrific ideas don't have to involve any sort of complexity. They can be very simple. Like the placement of Chrysler's new cellular telephone.

For years now, cellular telephones have been the target of thieves, no matter that they need a special code to be punched in, a la theft-proof radios. They are there advertising themselves in the console, cumbersome in traffic but as convenient to the driver's sweaty right hand as they are to somebody else's sticky fingers.

The fact that they are enticingly visible has driven Lincoln and others to bury them in bins under layers of lids somewhere between the front seats. But now comes this very simple idea, abetted by miniaturization.

Chrysler announces VISORPHONE!

The new telephone was thought up by Cartell Inc. of Romulus, Mich., and a Chrysler spokesman said it was engineered jointly by the car company and by OKI Telecom of Atlanta.

What is unique is the integration of the unit with the driver's sun visor, where it is easy to use at the same time that it is totally concealed.

The phone is 10 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide and less than an inch thick. It looks something like a large calculator, and it fits into a recess in the back of the visor.

The visor, with its large dialing buttons, can be turned down to place a call, then flipped up to talk. Power is supplied by the car's battery and there is a 100-number memory plus the usual automatic redial, radio mute, color-keyed pushbuttons and other routine cellular-phone wizardry.

The automaker is introducing the Visorphone in California because that is the largest car-talk market, but the system will be expanded to the rest of the country later in the year. And to get it, Chrysler says, a customer has to order a ''large sedan,'' which is to say a Chrysler Imperial, New Yorker or Dodge Dynasty.

The telephones are a dealer option, meaning they will be installed by an outside company. But a buyer simply orders the phone, and the rest is taken care of. The system is operational when the car is delivered, and until they read this, the thieves won't even know where to look.

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Interesting...another before its time idea from Chrysler. They had to be pretty rare. All I can remember in those days was how pricey portable phones were.
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