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So I'm back from Tom (aka Michael Moore)'s fabulous meet in Cincinnati, and after 30 hours without any sleep, I was pretty much wiped.

Trip started out from my place in Toronto at 10:00PM Friday night, met up with Shawn (Cokey11) at 2:00AM, met Brent (Cribrocks) at the border at 3:00AM, met Doug (Dudley) at 4:00PM, and we cruised down to Tom's together, reaching at 7:30AM or so.

Around 6:00AM-ish I was feeling a bit queasy and the caffeine had gotten to me, so I pulled out of the 68-mph caravan and flew down the last hour solo doing ~90-100mph the whole way. Somewhere along the line I was pacing a cherry red, debadged ES with glossy mirrors driven by a skinny white guy whom I initially thought might be Captain Morgan, but it wasn't.

Got to Tom's meet, had a lot of fun chilling with the guys. The majority of them there were 300M Club guys, and there were only a few of our guys there at first. Had a lot of fun, Tom's place is a good place for a meet; especially with the random toilet in the middle of the garage!

Left from there around 6:00PM, stopped to have dinner at Olive Garden with my older brother in Detroit, got home around 1:30AM.


Shawn (Cokey11): Thanks for everything, including leading me down there, all the car advice as usual, putting up with my random questions every 5 seconds, etcetera.

Brent (Cribrocks): Had a lot of fun, lots of fun meeting you and Gale again! Thanks for lending me the screwdriver.

Douglas Dear (Dudley): Thanks for all the laughs, letting me stare at your nice ass end (Custom taillights) for a long time on that road, fixing my pillars when I least expected it, and everything else.

Uncle Tom (Shadowvox6): Thanks for hosting an awesome meet; helped me meet a lot of new people.

Brandon: Thanks so much for helping install my new Faze Morpher even though you were halfway through a timing belt. Hope your car is driving a lot better now!

Josh: Very nice meeting you, can't wait for your new rear seat mod!

Bobby: Hope that dash swap went well... and nice to meet your girlfriend as well... :D

Art (inthetundra): Thanks for putting up with my silly questions and for not ripping into me like Tom

Everyone else: Sorry if I forgot to mention you; thanks for everything and it was a pleasure meeting and spending time with you all!

On to the pictures:

Waiting for Cokey11 at a Timmy's in the middle of nowhere

Waiting at a gas station in downtown Detroit at 3:00AM

Cokey doing 100+mph

*giggles* (Got a bit carried away with Shawn there)

All the cars lined up

Michael Moore's making his next documentary

Doug taking Cokey's car for a spin

Bobby's car waiting for its dash swap (and Ross aka TFC doing it)

So I'm taking pictures and I turn around and Doug is waxing my pillars! What a great guy...he didn't have to!

Ross chatting up the cute girl

Few of the guys chatting it up (Brent, Doug, Dan)

M guys doing some work on Josh's car

My car with Fred's

Art's Car

Tom just being himself...

Driveway with work being done

Shawn's Car

Ross's 300M R/T

Rob 2 (Tom Carson) with his awesome LH!

Last but not least:
Take aware this is 100% freeway driving, and four hours nonstop Cincinnati - Detroit

(sorry wait up, forgot to resize)

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Refresh your page, Shawn. They're appearing fine for me from two different computers and an iPhone.
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