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All of these items are used on my families car and work great.
Tires: Eimann Fabrik Black Opal Dressing- 12.95
Wheels: p21S Gel Spray- 15.95
Wash: Pinaccle Body Work Shampoo- 17.95
Polish: Pinaccle Paintwork Clensing Lotion Car Polish- 19.95
Wax: Pinaccle Souveran Car Wax- 69.00
Pinaccle Leather and vinyl cleaner-19.95
Pinaccle Leather Conditioner- 24.95
Pinaccle Vinyl and Rubber Protectant
Detailers Pride High Performance Glass Restorer- 8.95
Porsche Interior Glass Cleaner- 6.95
Engines: Eimann Fabrik Citruis Engine Degresser- 15.95
Metal Polish: Luster Lace Combo Pack- 11.95
Between Waxes- Pinaccle Crystal Mist Spray Car Wax and Quick Detailer- 19.95
Bugs: Porsche Tequipment Insect Remover- 14.95

All of these items can be purchased at Proper Auto Care
These items look good on all of our cars and this site seems to have good prices. We pay a little less but we also purchase enough for about 15 cars at a time so we get a small discount. These items last a long time also. My dads 95 Impalla SS has the color changing paint on it and with this stuff all of his cars are show winners if we wanted them to be.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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