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So today I was on the road behind my friend, in his 2002 Civic LX, and I was in the Trep.

We were both blasting along at about 100-110km/h (55-65mph) in an 80 (45) zone, and all of a sudden my buddy hits his brakes, and I see him swerve right off the road into a ditch. Somehow I reacted in a split second and hit the brakes. ABS kicked in, tires squealed, and the Trep came to a stop about 50 feet in front of a family of 4 or 5 deer, relaxing ON the road.

The Civic's front bumper was all torn up and one of his fog lamps was destroyed.

The Trep's getting new brakes on Friday anyway... but still... close call. I love my car.
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