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<<Note, since I am involved in multiple clubs, I thought I would share...>>

I had this idea last week...
Thought I would bring it up and see who would be interested.
We go to the opening days of the track around our area, and call it the Opening Day Tour...

Here is what I was thinking:

Edgewater Raceway Park - February 26th
IRP (Indianapolis Raceway Park) - March 26th Open test and tune
Kil-Kare - April 2nd
National Trail Raceway - Apr 3 SUN TEST & TUNE ($10 - 11am TO 4pm)
Tri-State Dragway - March Saturdays Open at 1:30 Run 2:00-6:00
Thornhill - TBD

What do you guys think??
It would be cool to go to other tracks in the region
I don't think that any of us have been to every track on that list.
I think this can be a fun event.....
Any thoughts??

Here's a link to the thread on CNCGP:

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I love going to a lot of tracks. Problem is that there are thousands of tracks. I plan (hope) to run on every NHRA track that has Pro meets. I have already done

IRP and

This year I will definately add
Maple Grove (Reading, PA), (during Carlisle)
Firebird (Phoenix, AZ), (While visiting mom)
Thunder Valley (Bristol, TN) (Maggie Valley meet) and
Route 66 (Joliet, IL) ( Int'l meet).

I may also add
Las Vegas, NV (While visiting mom)
Columbus, OH (MoPar Nationals)

I will still need to do
Pomona, CA
Gainesville, FL
Houston, TX
Topeka, KS
Madison, IL
Denver, CO
Kent, WA
Sonoma, CA
Brainerd, MN
Memphis, TN
Ennis, TX

Farticcus of Plenticcus
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Tour starts this Saturday (2/26)
At Edgewater Raceway Park

Weather looks good:

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